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Monday, April 16, 2012

Entertainment books on sale for $10.40.

Did you do your taxes over the weekend and get them mailed off, like a good citizen? Or did you e-file yours months ago and forget all about the April 15 deadline? Well, either way, you can celebrate along with, which is having a Tax Day sale: all of their coupon books are just $10.40. Get it? 1040? OK.

The books are normally about $35, so this is quite a discount, and the coupons will be good through November 1, so you have all summer to enjoy big savings on restaurants, parks, museums, zoos, sports games, theaters, and more. One of my favorite coupons in there is the full sheets of $2-off-movie-tickets discounts, which are great for groups. But at the new lower price, the book will pay for itself the first time you use a 2-for-1 restaurant coupon... and then everything else is the free cherry on top.

As far as I can tell, the Tax Day sale may only be good today (4/16), so snap it up!

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