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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Seattle: Lynnwood Borders, everything is 50% off!

OK, now things are finally getting serious: everything at the Lynnwood Borders store closing sale is at least 50% off! Discounts go as high as 70% off, so it might be worth checking out now if you're willing to root around for treasures.

Wonder if this includes their ill-fated e-readers?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Amazon: 5GB of free Cloud Drive online storage.

This might be less tangible than some other freebies, but it might just be the most valuable one of all — Amazon is offering 5GB of free storage space when you set up a free Cloud Drive account. That's enough to hold about 1,000 songs.

Having an external drive to back-up your computer is nice, but unless you keep it in a separate location, it won't protect your data in the event of a fire/robbery/tsunami. Keep an extra copy of your precious photos, videos, or Great American Novel stored online and never have to worry about lost data again! 

April 22: Free coffee or tea at Starbucks for Earth Day.

No, you didn't read that date wrong... I just really, really like super-advance warning! On April 22, aka Earth Day, you can get a free coffee or tea at Starbucks when you bring in your own travel mug. Reduce, reuse, recaffeinate!

(The blurb is about halfway down on the right side, FYI)


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Borders: 33% off one item.

It's nice to know there's one thing you can count on in life: the 33% off coupon from Borders. Good through March 31.

Sample Showcase is coming in 5 days!

If you were around for the last Sample Showcase, then you remember what an exciting super-freebie it was: a hefty box stuffed full of goodies such as Dove chocolate bars, Reese's peanut butter cups, Secret deodorant, Shower to Shower body powder, Taster's Choice instant coffee, Aveeno skin care, and Grill Mates seasoning. Who knows what could be in there this time?

It kind of looks like even if you received the first Sample Showcase box, you may need to register again (you can use that same link if you're a new user). This one is like 10 freebies in one, so it's highly recommended!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Free Aveeno 'poo sample.

Aveeno wants to give you a free 'poo sample even if — especially if — you've color-treated or otherwise damaged your hair. Pick your poison, fill out the form, and hold out your hands for creamy, lathery goodness.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Borders: 40% off one item.

They're an endangered species, but not quite extinct... look, there's the rare Couponicus borderis over there in the trees! By the size of its wingspan, I'd say it's definitely a 40% off coupon.

Good through March 28 (or whenever your local store goes bankrupt).

B&N: Parents magazine subscription for $1.

Know anyone who's a parent, or soon to be one? Maybe they'd like a one-year subscription to Parents magazine for just $1. Get it online at Barnes and Noble using promo code K4M8W9D (otherwise, it's $4.97, which still seems like a pretty good price). 

This looks to be part of their $5-off magazine sale, which has some other deals if you're a print magazine reader. Check it out!

Facebook: "Like" Suave, get a free bottle of Suave Professionals.

Well, actually, the page is crashed at the moment due to high traffic, so you'll just have to take my word for it that when you "like" Suave on Facebook, you can get a coupon for a free bottle of Suave Professionals. They are giving away 200,000 free coupons, though, so don't stress if you don't see it at first.

Somehow or other I got a free bottle of Suave Professionals rosemary-mint 'poo a while back, and finally tried some. And... it's fine! It has a pleasant, mild fragrance (which actually could be stronger for me, but I love mint) and lathers up just fine. For free, I promise you will enjoy it - or one of their many other scents.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A free Android app every day at Amazon's Appstore!

Yesterday, Amazon launched their new Android Appstore (that's a lot of A words!), which gives Android smartphone-havers an easy way to browse, try out, and download apps within the familiar Amazon interface.

To encourage people to come and check it out, they're giving away a different free paid app every day! Yesterday it was Angry Birds Rio, which I downloaded successfully. Today it's some poker game, which is less interesting to me.

The process is a bit convoluted: when you go to the appstore home on Amazon and click "Get app," it will ask for your email or cellphone number, and send you a link to the appstore app download. You need to have your Mobile 1-click Amazon settings turned on, even to "buy" a free app, but once you've done that, it works pretty seamlessly.

What will you download for your Android phone?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Borders: 33% off one item.

You know I wouldn't leave you hanging without a Borders coupon for 33% off, just in case you thought of a book, CD, DVD, or gift item you needed! Or if you don't feel like waiting around for the Borders store near you to have a closing sale, I guess.

Free sample of Dove Men+Care Body Wash and Deodorant.

Another personal care product with a weirdly unpronounceable name... I mean, how would you say that out loud? "Dove Men Plus Care Body Wash"? "Dove Men and Care"? It may look cool on the package (debatable), but it doesn't make any sense when you try to say it.

Luckily, you don't have to be able to say the name to get a free sample! Scroll down a bit and you'll see the link on the left side.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Free sample of Powerbar Protein Bites.

Well, these look like delicious chocolatey nuggets rolled in a nutty coating, but given that it's made by Powerbar, I have my doubts. Once words such as "whey, soy, and casein" start cropping up, the tasty-factor starts plummeting pretty fast.

If you're curious and you like protein balls, though, give 'em a whirl!

Borders: 33% off coupon, 28 more stores closing

Here's a Borders coupon for your weekend! 33% off one item, good through March 21.

Oh, and they just announced that 28 more stores will be closing, so if your local store is on the list, some big discounts could be headed your way soon.

Virgin America: 20% off a flight when you fill out a form.

OK, there's a LOT of fine print on this one, so I encourage you to read it carefully, but the gist of it is, you fill out the short form, and you will receive an email coupon good for 20% off a flight when you book by April 30 and travel between April 14 and June 15.

It looks like that's valid for up to two people's fares, but I'm no fine-print expert, so if you're interested, make sure you read all the info.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Facebook: BOGO Athenos Hummus.

Any hummus fans out there? I can't get enough of the stuff, so I'm excited about this Athenos BOGO offer. Just "like" them on Facebook and you can print out a coupon for BOGO hummus! Plus, they have all the fancy flavors like Cucumber Dill, Scallion, and Artichoke & Garlic.

I think I already know what's going to be served at my next party...

Monday, March 14, 2011

Borders: Details on Lynnwood store-closing discounts.

OK, finally we're getting some more specific information about what's being discounted at the Lynnwood store-closing sale for Borders. Here are some highlights:
  • 40% off ALL literary and commercial fiction
  • 40% off ALL Blu-rays
  • 30% off ALL CDs and e-readers
  • 40% off ALL romance paperbacks
  • 30% off ALL mystery & thrillers
If any of those things sound appealing, you might want to go and check it out! Everything else is 30-50% off too, so you never know what you'll find.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Free Peet's drink for your friends when they sign up for the newsletter.

Peet's invites you to share a free coffee beverage with a friend! When they sign up for the Peet's email newsletter, they'll get a coupon for a free drink in the mail - if they live near a Peet's store (CA, CO, IL, MA, OR, and WA).

Friends don't let friends pay for coffee!

Borders: 33% off coupon.

Just in case you don't have a Borders store near you that's closing, here's a nice 33% off coupon to get you through the weekend. Good through Mar. 14!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Seattle: Lynnwood Borders closing sale, now 30-50% off.

Things are heating up ever so slowly at the Lynnwood Borders store closing sale, where everything (no exceptions!) is now 30-50% off, right down to the store fixtures! And evidently you'll be earning Borders Rewards points on all your purchases, good toward Borders Bucks store credit if you rack up enough, so there's that.

Are you ready to venture up to Lynnwood? What are you hoping to find on sale?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Free Urban Outfitters playlist.

Want to know what the coolest kids on your block are listening to? Well, they definitely shop at Urban Outfitters, so you should download this free playlist posthaste to find out. Feel yourself becoming cooler as you scan the track list by artists such as Destroyer, Cut Copy, WIN WIN, and more!

Most of these bands I've never even heard of, which I guess means I need to download the playlist without wasting another moment.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Starbucks: Free Petites treat w/drink purchase, Mar. 10-12.

Gaze into the week ahead... if you have a sneaking feeling that you will need a caffeine/sugar pick-me-up somewhere around Thursday, I have good news for you! Starbucks is offering a free Petite treat with the purchase of any "handcrafted beverage," Mar. 10-12 from 2:00 to 5:00 pm.

What are Petites, you ask? They are Starbucks' new, under-200-calorie menu of tiny sweet treats to go with your beverage. They include Salted Caramel Squares, Tiramisu Pops, and Red Velvet Whoopie Pies, and they all sound pretty good, so the only hard part may be picking which one you want for free.

Borders: 33% off coupon, Lynnwood closing sale continues.

Seattleites, the Lynnwood Borders' store closing sale is rolling on, and they're now promising 25-50% off everything in the store. But when you think about it, the 33% off coupon is almost as good... and you get to pick which item gets discounted.

I'm not saying I won't ever go check out the closing sale, just that as long as they keep the easy coupons rolling out and I can stroll over to my neighborhood store, the incentive isn't that great.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Free Target beauty bag full of samples.

I don't see too many free samples from Target, but this one is good enough to make up for that: a free beauty bag packed with beauty samples. Looks like the goodies include Sally Hansen nail polish, Nivea lotion, Revlon mascara, Olay facial moisturizer, Suave hairspray, Neutrogena lip balm, and Herbal Essences 'poo. Nice!

Just fill out the short survey and complete the form with your mailing info, and you'll be signed up.

(Courtesy of Hey It's Free)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Just bought an iPad 1? Get a $100 refund.

In case you're one of those hard-luck folks who always seem to buy a gadget JUST before the new and improved version comes out, Apple has a soft spot in its heart for you. If you foolishly bought an iPad 1 in the past two weeks, they'll throw you a $100 bone as consolation for the fact that you didn't spend your money on the flashy new iPad 2.

(Courtesy of Consumerist)

Borders: 40% off coupon.

They're an endangered species, but every now and then you can still see one of these magnificent creatures in the wild: the Borders 40% off coupon.

Shh, don't scare it away!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Seattle: Lynnwood Borders closing sale, now 25-50% off.

All right, Seattleites, Borders is finally ready to get real and cut us some serious discounts at the Lynnwood closing sale. Everything is now 25-50% off, according to the flyer. Books, CDs, DVDs, and more, it says... so what do you want to score a sweet deal on this weekend?

Cupcake Royale: Free Bacon Whiskey Maple cupcake w/drink purchase.

Just in case you thought cupcakes and/or bacon were finally over... NOT SO FAST! Cupcake Royale just whipped up some Bacon Whiskey Maple cupcakes as their March flavor of the month, and they want you to enjoy a free one with any beverage purchase this weekend. (It does say "coffee," but they're pretty lax about letting you buy any old drink.)

It's the luck o' the Irish! Top o' the cupcake to ye! books 50% off.

Just in case you don't have your Entertainment books yet, they're currently on sale for 50% off and free shipping - which should make most of them well under $20 (the Seattle one is $17.50). Since getting mine in December, I've used $5 off coupons at Bartells, gotten free food, and a BOGO museum admission - there's all kinds of stuff in these books and you can save tons of money throughout the year!

Shipping is free but slow, so order soon for the maximum time with your big bundle of savings!

Free cheese fondue at the Melting Pot, April 11-14.

This is pretty far in advance, but something tells me you might want to get your reservations in early for this one. Get a free cheese fondue for two when you book your reservation from April 11-14 using the special top-secret code for your location.

What you have to do is search for participating locations in your area, select the restaurant, and it will give you a promo code to give when you call to make your reservation for the eligible dates. Then, when you show up, you get a free cheesy fondue for two, no purchase necessary.

I've always wanted to try this place but had heard it was pretty expensive. A free fondue might make all the difference, though...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

15,000 free Avon Anew anti-aging kits.

This says it's a sweepstakes, but then it also says the first 15,000 will receive one, so... I don't know who to believe! Anyway, you fill out the form and pick which kit you'd like (based on your age, I guess), and the lucky 15,000 will receive a kit that includes 1.7 fl. oz. Cleanser, .5 fl. oz. Day Cream, .5fl. oz. Night Cream, and Full-Size Eye Treatment.

Good "luck"?

Free HealthiDent pet treats sample.

It must be pet freebie day today, because here's an offer for a free sample of HealthiDent pet treats! I have to admit, those do look pretty fun, with their nifty star shape and their fresh spearmint flavor. Do you think my nonexistent dog would mind if I tried one?

Facebook: Free Eucerin lotion sample.

The chapped, chilly, skin-blasting winter months are nowhere near over, so now is a good time to request a free sample of Eucerin skin care lotion. Just "like" them on Facebook and fill out the form to get your free sample. Shy naked ladies not included.

Free Purina pet food sample.

Man, do I hate those obnoxious "slideshow" areas on webpages that force you to cycle through the whole thing to get back to the tab you want. Unfortunately, you'll have to sit through one of those to get this Purina One BeyOnd pet food sample (it's the third screen in the slideshow). But then you can get a free pet food sample that will make your pet able to BALANCE THE PLANET on its nose! Use your power responsibly.

BOGO Lucky Mint cones at Baskin Robbins.

Feelin' lucky, leprechaun? From now through March 4, you can get BOGO Lucky Mint ice cream cones at Baskin Robbins when you bring in this coupon. Apparently it's mint-chocolate ice cream with green candy bits and Oreo chunks - sounds pretty good to me! Anyone feel like an ice-cold treat? Anyone?

(Thanks, Matt!)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Borders: 33% off coupon.

UPDATE: HTN reader Matt went to the Lynnwood closing sale and reports that the discounts aren't that great... yet. "Blu-rays were 30% off, 20% DVDs, and 40% off all the paper goods.  Still lots of items left.  Most books are only 20% off. Most of the boxed games are gone." I guess I won't be making the epic journey north just yet. (Thanks, Matt!)

Borders has a 33% off coupon out today that's good through March 3. Good to know that their impending bankruptcy doesn't affect their attitude toward showering us with coupons! As long as they keep handing them out, I'll keep going... until they close the store near me, I guess.

Has anyone been to a store closing sale yet? Any great discounts?

Free sample of Kirkland Household Surface Wipes.

This is a Costco freebie, but you don't have to be a Costco member to get it. Just fill out the form for your free sample of Kirkland Household Surface Wipes. It's been a while since there were any good cleaning-product freebies, so this will have to do for today...

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