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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A free Android app every day at Amazon's Appstore!

Yesterday, Amazon launched their new Android Appstore (that's a lot of A words!), which gives Android smartphone-havers an easy way to browse, try out, and download apps within the familiar Amazon interface.

To encourage people to come and check it out, they're giving away a different free paid app every day! Yesterday it was Angry Birds Rio, which I downloaded successfully. Today it's some poker game, which is less interesting to me.

The process is a bit convoluted: when you go to the appstore home on Amazon and click "Get app," it will ask for your email or cellphone number, and send you a link to the appstore app download. You need to have your Mobile 1-click Amazon settings turned on, even to "buy" a free app, but once you've done that, it works pretty seamlessly.

What will you download for your Android phone?

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