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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Borders: 33% off coupon.

UPDATE: HTN reader Matt went to the Lynnwood closing sale and reports that the discounts aren't that great... yet. "Blu-rays were 30% off, 20% DVDs, and 40% off all the paper goods.  Still lots of items left.  Most books are only 20% off. Most of the boxed games are gone." I guess I won't be making the epic journey north just yet. (Thanks, Matt!)

Borders has a 33% off coupon out today that's good through March 3. Good to know that their impending bankruptcy doesn't affect their attitude toward showering us with coupons! As long as they keep handing them out, I'll keep going... until they close the store near me, I guess.

Has anyone been to a store closing sale yet? Any great discounts?

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