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Friday, September 24, 2010

Borders: 40% off paperbacks.

Does this chilly, rainy weather make you want to snuggle up with a trashy paperback or two, perhaps involving vampires or plucky girl detectives? Borders understands, and it doesn't judge you. They want you to have this 40% off coupon, good on up to two paperbacks. Which ought to set you up for at least a few evenings with you, a mugful of schnapps, and 36 of your closest feline friends.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

BOGO Jamba Juice smoothies.

I could have sworn I posted a Jamba Juice BOGO smoothie coupon not too long ago, but just in case I didn't, here you go. The coupon also includes "menu drinks," so you can even take your smoothie-grinch friend and treat them to... whatever else Jamba Juice might make.  A glass of orange juice?

Panda Express: Free single serving of Kobari Beef on 9/29.

Panda Express is pretty good with the online coupons, and here's another: take this coupon to Panda Express on 9/29/10 to get yourself a free single serving of Kobari Beef, their new recipe for bold Asian Beef. One coupon per person, not valid with any other coupons, discounts or promotions. Valid only at participating locations on 9/29/10.

Caveat: I have heard that these free "servings" are on the smallish side, i.e., not the takeout-carton-size portion you're probably envisioning.  Free is free, but I wouldn't go there starving and expect this to be a full meal, that's all.

Facebook: Free Night of Hope breast-cancer-awareness party kit.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, when all sorts of unlikely products don the pink ribbon of savvy marketing, Sutter Home wants to give you a free Night of Hope kit. Just "like" them on Facebook and they'll send you a party-ready kit, filled with all sorts of goodies: Sutter Home for Hope pink Chico Bag, pink ribbon bracelets, pink corkscrew, wine tasting skirts, recipes, and more for this spectacular night in.

Have a party with your ladies AND stick it to breast cancer at the same time!  And, you know, everyone can use another reusable tote bag...

Free reusable tote from A Little Bit of Philly.

Everyone can use another reusable tote bag, can't they?  I mean, you ARE using these for your groceries and other shopping, rather than strangling the earth with hundreds of plastic bags... right?

Of course you are.  But you can always use another one!

Sat. 9/25 is National Free Museum Day!

Yep, you read that right... hundreds of museums around the country will be offering FREE admission this Saturday, September 25.  And all you have to do is pre-print your admission ticket using this site right here.  It's brought to you by the Smithsonian, but there are plenty of museum options nationwide.

Seattleites can pick from many cool museums, including the EMP/Sci-Fi Museum, the Bellevue Arts Museum, the Henry Art Gallery at the UW, Tacoma's Museum of Glass, the Museum of Doll Art, and good ol' SAM.

To get your ticket (good for two people), fill out the form and your ticket will be emailed to you. You must have a pre-printed ticket to get in free, so don't just sashay into your favorite museum on Saturday or you'll get the Paris-Hilton-in-Tokyo treatment.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Seattle: Friends of the Library book sale, Sep. 24-26.

It's that time again - time for the Seattle Friends of the Library's HUGE semi-annual book sale!  Over 200,000 books, CDs, DVDs, art prints, and other items will be available for your deal-nabbing pleasure. Friday is members-only, but the inventory will be replenished all weekend, and Sunday is super-bargain half-off day!

When:   Friday, Sept. 24, 6:30 – 9:30 p.m (Member Preview -- members may buy up to 25 items each)

Saturday, Sept. 25, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Sunday, Sept. 26, 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Where: Magnuson Park, Hangar in Building #30, 7400 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle, 98115. The park may be reached by Metro bus routes 30, 74, and 75. Free parking is available.

Free Night of Theater tickets all over the U.S.

Feeling the need to get a little culture?  Why not enjoy a Free Night of Theater in October?  Tickets to free performances from Oct. 1-31 will be offered all around the country, so check the show listing and see what's on near you.

Seattle, you'll be redirected to an old site, so ignore that. For us, it's part of ArtsCrush, and you can be first in line for free tix by showing up at the ArtsCrush kickoff fair at the Seattle Center on Oct. 3. Otherwise, you can register online for free tickets starting on Oct. 4 with the hoi polloi.

Free avocado from Mexico.

This is an oddly specific offer, but hey, I like avocadoes, so whatevs. Print the PDF coupon for a free avocado from Mexico. I'm not sure how you, the customer, would be able to know this in the produce section (as opposed to the many avocadoes that are grown in California or elsewhere), but presumably your grocery store will know whether they'll accept the coupon or not.

The coupon is good through 12/31/10, so you could even stuff a lucky loved one's stocking with an avocado instead of an orange this year...

Starbucks Natural Fusions: $1.50 off coupon.

Normally I'd be too lazy to bother posting a mere $1.50 off coupon, but I'm actually kind of excited about these new flavored Starbucks coffees. They come in vanilla, caramel, and cinnamon, and I'm having a hard time deciding which one I want to try first! (Caramel is likely to be delicious, but cinnamon could be surprisingly new and awesome... or awful.)

This coffee is available in grocery stores, but not in Starbucks coffee shops, which makes it slightly less convenient for me, since Starbucks outnumber groceries by about 2 to 1 here in Seattle. But the coupon is good for 30 days from the day you print, so you should have some time to sniff out your favorite flavor. Tried it already? Let us know what you think in the comments...

Seattle: $6 Groupon tix to the Woodland Park Zoo.

If, like me, you intended to make it up to the zoo this summer to check out the new meerkats but didn't quite get a chance, this Groupon offer will be welcome news: $6 zoo admission tickets (they're normally $11 in the off-season) that are good through April 2011.

Groupon is a deal-sharing site where businesses post discounted tickets, gift certificates, and services for pretty amazing prices; if enough people commit to buy it, the deal is activated and then anyone can pile on and purchase the deal until it expires (usually at the end of that day).  The offers are specific to your metro area, so even if you live outside Seattle, that link will take you to a personalized page based on where you are.

I've done a few Groupon offers so far and have been really pleased; the merchants know what Groupon is, the deals work smoothly, and nobody makes you feel second-class for using a coupon. If you do decide to join, why not be a doll and use my referral link so I get $10 in Groupon bucks?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Borders: 33% off any one item.

33% off one item at Borders! Now your day is complete.

7-11: Free bag of Corn Nuts Chips, today only.

Do you like 7-11? Do you like Corn Nuts? Well then, you're going to love this freebie offer! Print off this coupon for a free bag of Corn Nuts Chips and take it to a participating 7-11 - today only - for your free sample bag.

It looks like there are three exciting flavors, but I can't tell if you get to choose or if you just take what they have. There's only one salty, crunchy way to find out...

Monday, September 20, 2010

Seattle: Sunday 9/26 is Fan Appreciation Day at Emerald Downs.

The Seattle area's very own racetrack, Emerald Downs, will be closing out its 2010 season this coming weekend, and September 26 is Fan Appreciation Day. If I remember the stuff in the program correctly, the specials include:
  • $1 admission (normally $10)
  • $1 parking (normally $7 or shuttle in from way far away)
  • 50% off food
  • Drink specials at the bars
  • 20% off at the gift shop
  • Prizes!
I couldn't find a lot of information about it on their website, so if you're interested, call ahead and find out the details. Oh, and check the weather, because it was pret-ty rainy last weekend.

Amazon: Sunset magazine for $5.

Here's a nice gift for the homeowner in your life... a one-year subscription to Sunset magazine for just $5. Based right here in Seattle, this magazine has lots of tips for homeowners, landscaping and gardening guides, architectural and renovation-project photospreads, upcoming events, and even some recipes and shopping tips. 

(Note: There is both an auto-renewal and a non-auto-renewal option, so make sure you've chosen the one you want in the Subscription Options box; auto-renewal will renew your subscription at whatever the going rate in 11 months is.)

It's definitely more for people who own their own home and have the ability to knock down walls or remodel a walk-in closet - something my landlord wouldn't be too thrilled about - but for the price, you apartment-dwellers might find it a fun aspirational leaf-through too.

Facebook: Free sample of L'Occitane Divine Skincare.

Here's a little Facebook offer to get the morning going... get a free sample of L'Occitane Divine Skincare when you "like" them on Facebook.  It promises "instantly younger-looking skin," so how can you go wrong? gift certificates 80% off.

I think I've pretty much made my peace with now. I was initially suspicious, but I've bought and used a few of these so far with no problems, so I'm going to go ahead and recommend them, as long as you know how the deal works. $25 "gift certificates" are going for $2 and $10 "certificates" for $0.80 with promo code SHARE, through September 22.

Remember, the deal is that you're effectively paying $2 for a $25-off-a-minimum-purchase-of-$__ coupon, usually with some additional restrictions (e.g., alcohol and tip don't count toward the total). The most common minimum purchase is $35, so you'd be paying $12 out of pocket for $35 worth of food ($2 "gift certificate" price + $10 difference). Some of the places have a much higher minimum purchase or other restrictions, so read the terms carefully for a restaurant before you buy!

Free sample of Scope Outlast toothpaste.

Last week I went to Target, and for various reasons (work candy jar, baking, boyfriend covertly stuffing items into cart), the load of purchases that I dumped on the conveyor belt looked like this:
  • Five bags of candy
  • Toothpaste
  • Mouthwash
So the lesson is, if you're going to have a bag of candy for dinner, make sure you brush your teeth thoroughly afterward.  This free sample of Scope Outlast toothpaste will make up for even the worst of your impulse-aisle rampages.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Information: Find hotel freebies through new Priceline feature.

Travel website has a new feature sure to appeal to freebie-lovers - now you can search for hotels with specific freebies!  They've always listed complimentary amenities in the product pages, but now they've organized their site so that you can do a search for a particular freebie (e.g., free breakfast). More info:
Most consumers will probably search by location. Type your destination into the white box next to "find my deal" on the page. Enter Atlanta, for example, click "free breakfast," and 20 choices pop up with details on the offers. Click on the "see dates" feature on the right for a calendar.

You can also filter results by a particular freebie....The new Priceline feature has a total of 10 freebies to choose from: free breakfast, free parking, golf credit, spa credit, room upgrade, resort credit, kids stay free, free nights, hotel extras and instant discount.
My favorite feature in a hotel is a cheap price, but if you really care about in-hotel gyms or free parking, this could be a useful tool for narrowing down your options.

Sneak preview of "Freakonomics" in select cities.

If you live in one of the featured cities, you can get sneak preview tix to "Freakonomics" for $0.01! You don't have to be an economist to know that that's a steal of a deal.  (Note: it looks like several of these cities are already sold out. If you don't see a blue link next to the showtime that says "Buy tickets," it's sold out.)

Valid at these theaters:

Embarcadero – San Francisco

Kendall Square Cinema - Cambridge (Boston)

Landmark Chez Artiste - Denver

Landmark Century Centre Cinema - Chicago

Landmark Sunshine Cinema - New York City

Landmark Magnolia Pictures - Dallas

Landmark E Street Cinema - Washington, DC

Landmark Harvard Exit - Seattle

Ritz at the Bourse - Philadelphia

The Landmark - Los Angeles

Free Bausch & Lomb 2 oz. sample bottle.

Contact lens wearers, focus on this: Bausch & Lomb is offering a free 2 oz sample of their Biotrue lens care solution. According to the picture, that would be a full travel-size bottle, which is a pretty generous sample!

You don't have to be a Costco member to get this sample - just scroll down to the "Product Details" box and click on "Get a sample" to fill out the form.

BOGO Wholly Guacamole coupon.

This is more of a BOGO than a freebie, but I get really excited about guacamole and I personally would have no problem polishing off two packages of the stuff.  Print out a BOGO coupon for Wholly Guacamole products for your next party or game night!

I see that they have 100-calorie packs, too, which would probably be great for making sandwiches or taking a snack on the run. This may require some further investigation...

Borders: 33% off any one item.

Now that fall and rainy weather are here to stay, Borders wants to help you snuggle up on your couch with a book/movie/TV box set.  Print the 33% off coupon and prepare to save!

Come to think of it, I know they have Ghiradelli chocolate there, so they probably even have tins of hot cocoa mix to complete your cozy weekend.

Free Cold-eeze sample.

Get a jump on those winter colds with a free sample of Cold-eeze. You do have to sign up for their e-newsletter to get the sample, so make sure you definitely give them your very best, main, #1 email address and totally not a crappy junk email account that you haven't checked since 2004. Seriously.

Regal Theaters: Free small soda today when you "like" them on Facebook.

It's Facebook Friday! Well, I have one Facebook offer to post, anyway. Regal Theaters wants to enhance your movie experience with a free small soda (and apparently "small" means "32 oz," or "not small"). Just "like" them on Facebook and click on the "Coupon" tab, and you'll be able to print out your coupon.

It's good today, Sep. 17, only, so you'd better start working up a thirst!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Free SPIN magazine music sampler.

Free music!  (And legally obtained free music, at that.)  Check out the free SPIN magazine music sampler and download the iTunes playlist, which includes songs by Dungen, the Posies, and much more - 18 tracks in all.

If you don't have iTunes yet, it's free to download and you can do it right from that SPIN sampler page. Easy!

Free Soooo Sweet sample.

What's sweeter than sugar?  Well, stevia, for one thing. I never quite figured out where its name came from, but it must be Latin for "super-sweet fake sugar" or something. Now you can try a free sample of Soooo Sweet and judge for yourself!

It also proudly claims "no bitter aftertaste," which, yeah, is pretty much something I would expect from a SWEETENER.  Now I'm dubious.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Borders: 40% off any one item.

Who: Borders Rewards members (membership is free)

What: 40% off one item

When: Through Sep. 16

Where: Your local Borders store or online at

Why: Because it's never too early to start holiday shopping... or a self-gift

Facebook: Free can of Pringles Xtreme.

Do you live an extreme lifestyle crammed full of extreme snacking? Then you'll want to check out this Facebook freebie for a can of Pringles Xtreme. When you "like" them on Facebook, you'll fill out a form that they'll use to mail you a coupon for a free full-size can of Pringles Xtreme, while supplies last.

You must be 18 to snack extremely; one can per household.

Free sample of Crest Pro-Health Clinical Gum Protection.

Yes, you too can get a free sample of Crest Pro-Health Clinical Gum Protection! Click the upper-right tab “Skip” to skip the flashy intro, and then click the link to take the quiz. You’ll then need to take a 2 question quiz - and it seems that if you don't pick "A lot" for both questions, it decides that you don't qualify for the gum-protection flavor and will offer you a different sample.  So if you want the gum-protection sample, make sure to choose "A lot" for the answers.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Seattle: Free Cupcake Royale babycakes for the first 200, Wednesday at 1 pm!

Cupcake Royale is participating in the Bravo TV Top Chef Dessert Crawl tomorrow, Sep. 15, and you reap the free treat bounty! 

"Free babycakes for the first 200 people who come starting at 1 pm for the Bravo TV Top Chef dessert crawl tomorrow. At Ballard, Capitol Hill, Madrona, W Seattle, and even our new location at 21 Bellevue Wy NE (check out the new Mobile Cupcake Party-Cart!)."

The Bellevue location (well, currently just a mobile cart hitched to a hot-pink van) is opening very soon for realz, so you can expect some promotions and special deals when that has its grand opening, too. For now, you'll just have to settle for a tasty free mini-cupcake!

BOGO Jamba Juice.

Who wants a delicious fruit smoothie? How about TWO? Take this coupon to your nearest Jamba Juice and get two drinks for the price of one. The offer is good through Sep. 22, so you have just over a week to get yourself some BOGO treats.  Drink up!

Free 12 oz latte or iced drink at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf today, 4-7 pm.

Once again I curse the fact that there are no Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf locations in Washington, because they're offering a tasty fall freebie today: a 12 oz. Cinnamon French Toast or Classic Pumpkin Latte or Iced Blended drink.  Here are the official details:

When: Tuesday, September 14, 4-7PM*

Where: Participating The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® store locations*

What: 12oz. Cinnamon French Toast or Classic Pumpkin Latte or Iced Blended® drink

*Only valid at participating The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® store locations in AZ, CA, NV, TX. Excludes all Ralphs stores, military base, casinos, campus or airport locations. Valid only on September 14, 2010, from 4pm to 7pm. Offer applies to 12oz. Cinnamon French Toast or Classic Pumpkin latte or Ice Blended® drinks. No substitutions. Limit one complimentary drink per customer. Cannot be combined with other offers.

Free Quaker Life Soft Baked Bars sample.

Mmm, snack bars. Quaker Life wants to give you a free sample of either their banana walnut bread flavor or their cinnamon roll raisin pecan flavor bars. It would be downright rude to refuse!

I'm going for banana bread myself...

Borders: 33% off one item.

A day without a Borders coupon is like a day without sunsh... oh.  Well, um, at least we have the 33% coupon.

Hey, you can always use it to buy this, or this, or maybe this.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Free Emergen-C new flavor sample.

Emergen-C is making with the free samples again - this time it's a new mystery flavor, which you can be among the first to try. And they make a point of mentioning that you are free to request samples even if you've received samples in the past, so go for it!

Free sample of Jewels flavored hookah tobacco.

Hookahs had a bit of a trendy moment a few years back, but it seems like they're becoming hip once again. The other weekend I was at a party where a cobra-headed hookah was the star of the party, and a hookah lounge recently opened up in my neighborhood. If you're looking for something to stuff in your hookah, Jewels is offering free samples of their flavored tobacco. They sell eight exciting flavors, but it doesn't look like you get to choose, so sign up and be surprised by whatever they decide to send you.

Free sample of Jergens Overnight Repair and Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer.

This offer is really two freebies in one! You'll receive a 0.25 oz sample of Jergens Overnight Repair Nightly Restoring Moisturizer and Jergens Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer, plus a $1 off coupon good on any Jergens moisturizer.

I know it may look like I've been slacking on posting, but I really haven't... there just isn't much out there that's worth mentioning.  I'm hoping for a better week this week, so fingers crossed (and moisturized)!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tanga: Garden Design subscription for $5.

Tanga has another fine magazine deal for us today... a one-year subscription to Garden Design magazine for just $5.  The product page shows $19.99, but use promo code GARDEN to snag the discount.

I'm pretty gardening-indifferent myself, but I know a few avid gardeners who might really enjoy this deal, and maybe you do too! Let those gardeners get started now on their ambitious backyard plans for next spring...

BOGO Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes coupons.

It's definitely turning into soup weather out there, so why not treat a friend to a BOGO soup-and-salad-fest at your local Souplantation or Sweet Tomatoes?  Check out these three printable coupons for Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes restaurants.

- Buy One Meal Get One Free [Exp. 9/16]
- Buy One Breakfast Get One Free [Exp. 9/17]
- $5.99 Weekday Lunch [Exp. 9/26]

Normally I don't get that excited about unlimited salad, but these restaurants have a lot of other stuff too - pasta and noodle salads, soups, baked potato bars, breads and muffins, plus the ever-popular soft-serve machine.  I could go for a bread bowl full of chowder on this rainy day!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Borders: 33% off one item.

Sooo... that's it for summer, I guess. Not that it ever really got started here in Seattle, mind you.  Well, if my weekly forecast is right and it's nothing but little rainclouds ahead, you may as well head over to Borders and pick out a nice cozy couch read for the rainy days in store.  This 33% off coupon should take some of the sting out of summer's abrupt, ungracious departure.

Personally, I'm pretty excited that the Seattle Public Library will be opening up again after its weeklong budget-cutting furlough. If they keep shutting down to save money, though, it may eventually force me to actually - gasp - buy books.

Amazon: SmartMoney subscription, $5.

Amazon's magazine deal of the week will save you money while teaching you how to save your money - it works on so many levels. Get a one-year subscription to SmartMoney magazine for just $5. Beware, though, this is one of those "auto-renewal" deals, so you'll have to keep an eye out for when it's about to expire, lest they renew you at whatever the subscription rate might be in 11 months from now.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Seattle: Free Cupcake Royale huckleberry cupcake w/drink purchase.

Cupcake Royale knows it's huckleberry season, and to celebrate, they want to give YOU a free cupcake now through Monday, Sep. 6! Well, free with a beverage purchase, that is (but still a pretty good deal).

You used to have to print these out, but the people have spoken and Cupcake Royale listened, so now you can just show the coupon on your mobile device and not have to print out a dumb piece of paper that they'll just throw out anyway.  Hooray for freecycling!

Seattle: Labor Day Weekend sale roundup.

NWSource already did all the legwork for me and I'm too lazy to retype and relink everything, so why don't you just check out their roundup of holiday weekend sales in the Seattle area. I'm curious about the Seattle Premium Outlets but have never been. The REI sale would be good for you outdoor types...

Free sample of Garnier Moisture Rescue gel-cream.

Hmm, it looks like budget-friendly Garnier is trying to horn in on the upscale-facial-care market with their Moisture Rescue, which looks suspiciously similar to something you'd pay $40 for in a department store *cough*. But hey, you can get a free sample and judge for yourself. I like Garnier Fructis hair stuff just fine, so I'm not hating.

Cost Plus: $25 for a $50 online-only gift certificate, or $10 off $30.

This Cost Plus deal is making the rounds today through a third-party Groupon-esque site, and it seems like a good deal IF you pay attention to the fine print. Ahem:
  • You pay $25 for a $50 Cost Plus gift certificate (actually a promo code) before Sep. 5.
  • The gift certificate is only good at, NOT physical stores.
  • The gift certificate must be used by Dec. 31, 2010.
  • You can't buy a gift card with it, smartypants, and the code must be used in a single transaction.
And, in case you're wondering, shipping information is here, and a $50 purchase will cost you about $10 in shipping.  So it's more like $35 for $50 worth of stuff, which is still a pretty decent deal; Cost Plus gets tons of Xmas/holiday food and decor, so you could knock out a few presents on the cheap using this offer.

Or you can do it the old-fashioned way and print out this $10 off $30 coupon and take it to the physical store.  Snore.

Borders: 33% off online, 40% off in store.

Borders has two coupons out, but it looks like they're feeling a little lonely, because they really want you to come and visit them in the store. Your choice of either 33% off any item online or 40% off when you go to the store.

I personally am pretty stoked about Jonathan Franzen's new book, which I keep hearing good things about, so I might have to go and get it... so I can add it to the teetering, untended pile of books to read at home, while I watch "Hoarders." Sigh.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Free iPhone/iPad games: Smash Fiesta and Mad O Ball 3D.

Here are a couple of free games for your iPhone or iPad, downloadable through iTunes:
I remember hearing about Smash Fiesta when it came out, and version 2.2 is free for a limited time only, so why not download it and see what the fuss is about?

El Pollo Loco: Coupons every day in September.

El Pollo Loco is celebrating their 30th anniversary with coupons for every day in September! Each coupon is good for one day only - the day on which it appears in the calendar - but it looks like you can print them all in advance and carry them around with you so you won't forget.  The deals all involve the number 30, so there are lots of 30-cent and $3 specials, and with this many coupons, there's got to be ONE there that you can use, right?

Today's special is a chicken tostada salad for $3.  Sounds good to me...

Facebook: Free Del Taco biscuit sandwich w/any purchase.

And here's another Facebook offer...  this one's for a free Del Taco biscuit sandwich. "Like" them on Facebook to print a coupon for a free Biscuit Sandwich with any purchase. Choose sausage or bacon with egg and cheese.

Actually, I suppose you could buy one of the biscuits and then get the other one free, so you really don't HAVE to choose between the two.  I'd probably just get a small coffee or whatever was cheapest, though.

Free Express lip gloss when you "like" them on Facebook.

I feel like it's been a while since we had some Facebook freebies, but there are a few floating around today. First up is Express, where you can get a free lip gloss when you "like" them on Facebook. Click the "like" tab, then click on the "new fans" tab again and fill out the form to receive your personalized coupon.

The coupon is good Sep. 8-10 only, so don't forget to cash yours in next week!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Free Waffle House waffle.

Waffle House runs coupons pretty regularly, but it's always for stuff like orange juice or biscuits or other, you know, non-waffle items. Finally, though, they have a coupon for what you'd expect them to have a coupon for: waffles!

I don't know why I care anyway, since there aren't any in Seattle, but I just want the best for you all, I guess.  Enjoy your waffles through September 17.

Free Starbucks breakfast sandwich when you sign up for Starbucks Rewards.

It just so happens that there's a Starbucks in the lobby of my office building, so this freebie will be quite easy for me to cash in on: get a coupon for a free artisanal breakfast sandwich when you sign up for Starbucks Rewards and register a Starbucks card. (You do have to have a Starbucks card for this offer, but fortunately I happen to have one that I was given.)

I've never really understood why they push the Starbucks card registering so much, though I suppose it has to do with monitoring sales trends and customizing promotional offers or whatever. But hey, free breakfast sandwich!  Let's focus on that.

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