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Friday, February 4, 2011

Zatarain's: Free Mardi Gras house party kit.

So I wasn't selected for the big fancy-pants Coffee-mate Free Flavor Friday party kit (not that I'm bitter about it). But it turns out that other companies have similar offers all the time: they'll send you a party kit full of supplies in order to have a themed party, and hopefully get some good word-of-mouth going if the party is a success.

Zatarain's (which makes New Orleans-style food mixes) is doing just that right now with a Mardi Gras party offer. The kit contains Zatarain's products, coupons, tote bags, beads and masks, and other fun stuff. Sounds like it could be a good start to a fun party, so get your bon temps over to the signup page if you're interested.

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