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Sunday, February 7, 2010

iPhone: Free Puzzlings app - like Bejeweled, but cuter!

As promised, I'm going to start posting more iPhone/iTouch freebies on here, which will be free apps that I personally have downloaded and enjoyed. This time around, I'm recommending Puzzlings, a delightfully winsome little puzzle game with a sky-high cute factor.

You can watch a trailer, but the general idea is that you are a bobble-headed monster who has just learned about fashion, and you must solve Bejeweled/Tetris-esque block puzzles to win clothes and accessories to customize yourself with. You progress through stages in Mario-like worlds, each of which is pretty easy and quick to play, yet the game is highly addictive once you start collecting hairstyles, outfits, and goofy facial features to trick out your monster with.

It's totally free on the iTunes app store, so snag it and brighten up your grim bus commute or stultifying staff meeting.

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