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Monday, February 8, 2010

OMG Your First Period.

Okay, okay. This is actually a pretty good idea, but if you're trying to be Cool Mom to your tween daughter, I'm thinking this will only confirm for her your utter and complete lameness. Nevertheless: Kotex is offering a free (with $2.99 shipping) "your first period" kit, full of samples and informational booklets and whatnot in a cute little makeup bag.

  • Stylish and discreet carrying case
  • 12 page booklet that answers questions about menstruation
  • Kotex ® Ultra Thin Pads with wings
  • Lightdays® Liners
  • Menstrual calendar
  • Gel-filled heat pack to ease cramps
  • Scensibles™ disposal bags
  • Hand wipes

The booklet is actually called OMG Your First Period, which just kind of makes me wince with its "I'm hip! I'm with it!" feel. Imagine how thrilled your adolescent will be! Or the lucky recipient of a gag gift, if you so choose.

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