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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Borders closing sale: New markdowns, up to 40%.

For those who are keeping a death watch on Borders' closing sale, I just got an email with this update about new markdowns:
  • Audiobooks, e-readers, DVDs, thrillers, cooking, sci-fi, history, religion, and more are 25% off
  • Diet, nutrition, biography, self-help, reference, humor, and more are 30% off
  • Crime, business, philosophy, performing arts, romance, and more are 40% off
  • Blu-ray now 50% off
Looks like everything in the store is now at least 25% off. Liquidation sales are a delicate dance - you want to wait until the discounts are good enough to be worth it, but not wait so long that everything is picked clean and the good stuff is gone. I might wander over there today just to see how things are looking - have you scored any bargains at the sale?

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