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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

$1 card from Burger King with free passive-aggression.

Kinda sorta feeling a pang of guilt over excluding that acquaintance/Facebook friend/coworker you smile at but don't really like from your holiday gift list? Burger King will help you make the empty gesture that means so much this season. For $1, you can send your recipient a paper holiday card with a $1 bill inside. (The bill is intended for them to purchase a cheeseburger or something that's $1 at BK - advertising alert!)

I kind of like "Thinking of you a little bit this holiday season," but there's something satisfying about "Because I care deeply about someone who looks kinda like you," too. Nothing welcomes the holidays like a passive-aggressive slap in the face and a crisp dollar bill!

1 comment:

  1. Those cards are hilarious! That is one clever marketing technique. I'm even tempted to buy one and I haven't eaten at a Burger King in about two years!


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