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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Denny's: Free Peppermint Pancake Puppies.

Here's a word-association game: if I said "Peppermint Pancake Puppies" to you, which of these would you think of?

a) The hot new toy for tween girls this holiday season.
b) My drag queen name.
c) A cartoon team of anime characters with adorably cute superpowers.
d) A godawful concoction of "deep-fried balls of pancake batter, dusted with sugar, to be dipped in syrup."

The correct answer is D, as in Denny's. They're offering a coupon for a free order of Peppermint Pancake Puppies, good through Mon., Dec. 14. That's tomorrow, so you definitely don't want to delay and miss out on your share of the PPPs.

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