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Friday, December 18, 2009

IKEA: The IKEA Sale starts Dec. 18.

The IKEA sale starts today! I know, the very mention of IKEA during the holiday season sends chills down your spine, but speaking as someone who spent pretty much all of last Saturday there, the holidays are an oddly tranquil time to go. Shoppers are all off at more gift-oriented department stores buying presents - not too many people exchange FJELSENLAKK dressers for Xmas. So it was surprisingly uncrowded and low-key, even for the $1 meatball special in the cafeteria.

There are also one-day-only specials starting Dec. 26, but by then there probably will be bloodthirsty bargain-hunting crowds. Still, if you have clumsy New Year's guests, you can't beat 25-cent champagne glasses.

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