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Friday, October 30, 2009

Bliss soaps: Double your order for free, help a small business out.

This offer is for everyone, but Seattleites especially may know of Bliss Soaps, the cute little gay-owned soap shop on Capitol Hill that sells Lush-esque fancy bath products. Evidently they got scammed on a fraudulent order by an evil couple of Lying Lyersons, and while they're lawyering up, they're still concerned they may not have enough $$$ to make it through the holidays. They're trying to recoup some cash with a big sale this weekend, in-store and online, so do a good deed AND knock out half your holiday gift list! (More info below.)



Dear Valued BLISS Soaps Customer;

BLISS Soaps has unfortunately fallen victim to a fraudulent business
deal. Many local customers may recall a large soap, lotion, facemask
and eye cream order that we were working on as they came to visit the
store. The order was made, delivered and distributed to the Cruise-
line executives ahead of schedule. Emperors Essentials, the company
that commissioned BLISS Soaps to fulfill this contract fraudulently
reversed ALL of the payments that were made to us. After researching
the company, we discovered that the couple who own Emperors
Essentials; Robert Friend, Jr., and Shao Mei Wang operate 4 charities
in Gig Harbor, Washington. 1) National Association of Disabled Police
Officers. 2) American Veterans Coalition. 3) (Childrens) Cancer
Assistance Network. 4) Disabled Firefighters Foundation. All 4
charities are fictitious and an estimated $5,000,000.00 was raised for
the charities and around 2 cents per dollar was used as assistance. If
you hear of these in the future, DO NOT DONATE.

The devastating to BLISS Soaps came at such a time that we may not
recover the funds in time to maintain operations.

In an effort to make this a win-win situation for both of us, we are
offering this 4 day only Internet, call-in and walk-in special in an
attempt to earn pre holiday revenue.

All orders over $50.00 will be doubled and the next 5 future orders
over $50.00 will be given a $15.00 credit.

All orders received in the next 4 days will be filed and a VERY
special future offer will be offered to you in our Dec E-mail.

ALL orders place in the next 4 days EVEN orders under $50.00 will be
given the Special December offer.

To call in your orders, please call 1-206-322-SOAP 7 days 4-10 Pacific
Internet orders, please only order ½ of what you would like as we will
simply double the order received.

Thank, you for your past and continued patronage and hope to hear from
you soon.

Phil & Chuck

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