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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Seattle: Free McDonald's mocha and caramel frappes.

So apparently the Mcdonald'ses of Western Washington have banded together to form a fellowship of the fats, and they even have their own website and secret handshake and NO BURGER KINGS ALLOWED BECAUSE THEY HAVE COOTIES. Currently, they have a freebie offer on their website: a printable coupon, good through Dec. 8, for a free small mocha or caramel frappe.

Wisely, they've decided to hedge their bets with some fine print about how it's up to each location whether they participate, require a purchase, etc., so as always, it's wise to call before you go and verify that your desired location will indeed give you a free sugary coffee treat.

This tip is from the Seattle Times Freeloader, a new column listing freebies in Seattle. But I think we all know the HTN is O.G. since '09.

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