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Monday, November 16, 2009

Opinion Outpost: Earn cash or Amazon credit for surveys!

It's been a while since I mentioned Opinion Outpost (that's my referral link), so I thought I'd talk about them again since we're going into the holidays. No, I'm not an official spokesperson or anything, but I noticed today that I've made $85 so far through them, which isn't too bad for killing time on the Internet! And I'll be cashing out to do some Xmas shopping pretty soon, you betcha.

Basically, it's a survey site that's free for anyone to join, and you can earn cold, hard cash - OR Amazon e-certificates, which are redeemable instantly, a pretty awesome new development (previously, you had to wait and they would mail you a check, which you can still do if you want the cash). You earn points for completing - or partial points for being disqualified from - surveys, and if my shaky math works out, it's about $0.10 per point. So a typical survey might get you 20 points, or $2, which doesn't sound like a lot, but it adds up pretty quickly and they're easy to polish off in a couple of minutes while you're waiting on hold or whatever.

There are plenty of other good survey sites besides Opinion Outpost out there if you look for them, many of which pay in cash. Just remember, a legitimate site will never charge you to join up, will explain its rewards system clearly, and won't require you to participate in any "special offers" or "premium memberships." If you're going to waste time in front of your computer, you might as well be making money, right?

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