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Monday, November 16, 2009

Borders: Get $10 when you buy $50 in gift cards.

Borders must be desperate for sales this year already, because they're offering a pretty good deal: buy two $25 gift cards and get a $10 gift card free. (Essentially, they're offering you 20% interest on a loan of $50, albeit payable in Borders-only currency.) They probably intend for you to give the two $25 cards as gifts and maybe keep the $10 for yourself, but here are some other things you could do:

  • Use the two $25 cards and purchase five $10 cards - now you have six $10 gift cards to use as office gifts, stocking stuffers, or thank-you enclosures
  • If you know you're going to be buying $50 worth of books/CDs/DVDs as gifts, order them and spend them at Borders yourself to get $60 worth of stuff for $50
  • And don't forget to use the constant flow of 25--40% off Borders coupons to maximize your buying power!

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