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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Starbucks: Free Pastry Day March 23.

Free Starbucks pastry? Free Starbucks pastry! On March 23 (that's next Tuesday), just print out the coupon and take it to your participating Starbucks before 10:30 am for a free pastry with the purchase of any "handcrafted, brewed, or iced beverage" (meaning no bottled waters or juices).

The key word there is "participating." Last year the Starbucks in my building quickly ran out of their allotment of giveaway pastries and refused to honor the coupon with the regular pastries they hand in the case, which led to much ill-feeling and some reluctant walking up the street to the next Starbucks a block away. (As it turned out, they had burned through their pastry ration too, except they said, "Fuck it, we're just going to give away what we have rather than make customers mad.") So it may take some patience, and I'd recommend hitting up an out-of-the-way, less-busy location that may not run out as quickly as the big downtown ones. But anyway, free pastry.

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