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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Entertainment Books $12, today only!

I'm sure you know my feelings on Entertainment Books and what a great deal they can be if you like seeing movies, going to museums, zoos, fairs, plays, ballet, or the symphony, sightseeing, roller skating, go-karting, shopping, drinking, or eating. Any of those sound good to you?

Now, Entertainment Books are just $12 for the next 12 hours! These books start out at around $30 (the Seattle one is $35) and get progressively marked down through the year, but the 2010 one is still good through November, so you have the whole summer to try restaurants, coffee houses, museums and attractions, and more. Many of the discounts are 2-for-1 or BOGOs, but some are just for discounts off your total purchase or admission, too.

Just in the last month, I've snagged BOGO coffee and cupcakes at Cupcake Royale ($5), and BOGO admission to the Puyallup Spring Fair ($9), which is more than the $12 cost of the book right there. Some of my favorite coupons in this book are the discounted movie tickets, though, which give you several dollars off each ticket.

I don't get a kickback from or anything, I just really think these are a great value and I want you to share in the savings! These also make excellent gifts for friends, or even travel savings for you, if you'll be visiting a city that has an Entertainment Book. You can even preview the discounts available online, so check it out while the sale's still going.

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