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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Free scary movie mug.

If there's one thing that everyone needs more of, it's mugs. Am I right? We could all use a few more mismatched, chipped mugs decorated with names of exotic foreign destinations, cute cartoon animals, and musings on the nature of Mondays. I know I never get tired of them.

Now is your chance to get a free Tom's Friend mug just by signing up here. I don't know what this "Tom's Friend" thing is, mind you, but it has a nice high-contrast black-and-white design and an edgy "rock-n-roll" graphic*, so I'm assuming it's pretty hardcore and will get you admiring looks in the office breakroom.

*Oh, okay, apparently it's a movie. "Tom's Friend fits the classification of a horror/thriller film, although it shares very little with other productions in its genre. The film follows two men around and focuses on their relationship, and specifically how it changes when they are subjected to horrifying situations. A diverse and experimental advertising campaign is currently running in an attempt to make Tom's Friend one of the biggest independant films of 2009. This campaign includes a promotional giveaway where you can obtain a free novelty coffee mug, found on this very website!" Wowsers.

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