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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Information: PopChips sample fail.

Having signed up for the PopChips sample pack offer that I posted earlier this week, I was a tad surprised to see this email today from PopChips:

"hi there. we're sorry to say that someone "mistakenly" posted a "pop it forward" link for popchips onto the web this past weekend. we're not sure why, but what was a hand-delivered invitation to a small number of people, ended-up online with tens of thousands of people signing-up. we're really sorry about the mix-up and hope you understand. in the meantime, please enjoy this $1 off coupon (which expires 1/31/2010).

your friends at popchips"

The use of the scare quotes around "mistakenly" seems a tad passive-aggressive, but I suppose whoever sent this email is doing a fair amount of damage control today, so a little 'tude is understandable. In any case, if you signed up for that offer, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I don't think you'll be seeing a magical PopChips gift basket anytime soon.

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  1. we're really sorry for the confusion. unfortunately, we got spammed and it’s disappointing to everyone- including us. we’re just a small company doing the best we can to deal with this and we appreciate your understanding. thanks, popchips


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