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Monday, January 25, 2010

Amazon: ReadyMade one-year subscription, $6.

I'm not personally familiar with ReadyMade magazine, but one thing struck me as I read through the Amazon reviews: people really feel passionate about it. Granted, most of that is passionate hatred, like the reviewer who rants, "If I have to read one more article about how Readymade has been a "green" magazine for x number of years before it got trendy I'm going to order 500 subscriptions and cut all of them up into tiny pieces and DUMP IT ALL IN THE OCEAN."

From what I can glean through the flying specks of rabid spittle, it sounds like ReadyMade is a DIY glossy for hipsters, which sometimes has interesting projects but more often has over-simple, obvious "ideas" that you could have figured out yourself. And sometimes it has album reviews. If this sounds like $6 worth of entertainment for a year, then by all means, do it yourself.

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