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Friday, May 1, 2009

2009 Entertainment Books are now $15!

I don't need to tell you AGAIN what a great deal the Entertainment Book is, right? First of all, it has hundreds and hundreds of coupons in there for restaurants, museums, attractions, movie tickets, and so on, so you can't tell me there's nothing in there for you.

Second, now that it's on sale for $15 with free shipping, it'll pay for itself in no time! One example: use the BOGO coupon for admission to Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo, where tickets are $16.50 per adult. In one fell swoop, you've made your money back, so you can kick back and leisurely peruse the book for all the other great savings. (I also like the discount movie ticket coupons, which take tickets from $10+ to $7.)

Get thee to and order your book already! Don't make me tell you again.

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