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Friday, May 8, 2009

Free Mother's Day breakfast at IKEA and "tax-free" weekend.

Before you take your mom to El Pollo Loco for some delicious Mother's Day free chicken (using your rejected KFC Oprah Chicken coupons), you can stop in at IKEA first for a free Mother's Day breakfast and cup of coffee.

Seattleites, at our Renton store, the offer is good from 9 am to 10 am only, so get your gjetosts down there early if you want your free maternal breakfast.

On a related note, this weekend is also a "tax-free weekend" at IKEA, meaning that if you belong to their Mobile Messaging program, they'll text you a special promo code. Take the code to the store, print a coupon at the IKEA Mobile kiosk, and you'll get a coupon for 9.5% off all your purchases. So if you were thinking about getting that JARGLOBERSTASK sofa to spruce up your living room, now's the time!

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