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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Borders 6-in-1 super coupon.

Well, this is different - Borders frequently sends out coupons, but this time they sent a many-headed beast of a coupon that appears to be good on all kinds of things. Such as:
  • $10 off one DVD set or computer book
  • $10 off one hardcover over $35
  • $5 off one tote bag, game, CD, history book, sports book, cookbook, or reading glasses
  • $2 off one travel book, sci-fi book, magazine, romance novel, or kids' book

As far as I can tell, you can combine coupons on your purchase (i.e., you can get $5 off a tote bag and $2 off a sci-fi book in one purchase), and it's very rare that they issue coupons for magazines, so now might be the time to check out that fancy foreign-language or slick design magazine you've been coveting. And wash it down with a free coffee, of course!

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