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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Class-action settlement for Fuze Slenderize.

Speaking of fruity beverages, apparently there's a class action settlement out there for Fuze Slenderize drinks, to the tune of $4.5 million. It seems that, allegedly, "Fuze’s marketing, advertising and labeling of its Slenderize, Vitalize, Refresh and Tea beverages misled consumers regarding ingredients contained in the beverages, as well as their potential functional benefits. The lawsuit further alleges that Fuze misled consumers of its Slenderize beverages by claiming or inferring that the product promoted appetite suppression and/or weight loss."

Fuze decided to settle, and their fail is your win. If you purchased any Fuze Slenderize in like the last five years, you can submit a claim for up to 10 bottles by July 10, 2009. Of course, that means you're publicly admitting that you believed a fruity drink would magically help you lose weight, but a buck's a buck.

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