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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Free Fling candy bar.

What is Fling? Oh man, it's like a chick-lit novel you can eat: hot pink wrapper, delicate girly handwriting font, coyly "naughty" puns about "having flings" and "enjoying flings" and "flings with the girls." I can feel my testosterone surging to compensate as I type this.

Well, anyway, you can get a coupon pack for a free single Fling and a coupon off a box of them.

"FLING™ is a light truffle on a subtle, crisp layer, enrobed in shimmering chocolate that’s as glamorous as you are. At under 85 calories per finger, it’s slim, but not skinny. Indulgent, but not greedy. Naughty, but nice. So you won’t regret having a FLING™ whenever you want one.

"FLING™ comes in three delectable flavors — Milk Chocolate (10-count or singles), Dark Chocolate (10-count) and Hazelnut (10-count). You never know when you’ll need a FLING™. It’s perfect for an afternoon snack, with tea or coffee, or just while having fun with the girls!"

Okay, okay, Fling is tasty like hot sex. I GET IT. Can I have my free candy now?

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