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Friday, May 15, 2009

U-district Street Fair = free samplefest.

I almost forgot, but this weekend is the U-district Street Fair, wherein hundreds of vendors brave dicey weather to present their arts, crafts, services, and delicious foods for your pleasure. The values on the handmade stuff run the gauntlet, though there are always bargains to be had for the eagle-eyed, but more importantly, this fair is a free sample and promo fiesta! In the past, I've gotten free sodas, free hippie granola and snack bars, free pens, free lip balm, etc. etc. There's also free live performances all day; get a map of the whole shebang here.

Parking, as always, will be a bummer, but I like to park at 50th or higher and just walk down - it's easier than circling around for 20 minutes searching for a spot. Too bad nobody will be giving out free umbrellas - that's something everyone would be clamoring for.

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  1. Don't forget about all the free cheese samples to be had down at Pike Place Market this weekend at the Seattle Cheese Festival.


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