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Monday, June 1, 2009

Free '09 Entertainment Book when you pre-order '10.

Ah, it's that time of year when Entertainment Book starts to get antsy about all the copies laying around in its warehouse, and the deals start getting better and better... now they're offering a free copy of the 2009 edition when you pre-order the 2010 edition. Of course you already ordered your '09 version MONTHS ago (right?) to take maximum advantage of the savings, but maybe you'd like to share with a thrifty friend who doesn't yet know the ways.

Remember, the Entertainment Book year starts in November, and they take their sweet time mailing them out, so you'll have less than five months to use the '09 version's coupons if you go with this offer. But it also pays for itself with just one BOGO museum ticket coupon (in Seattle, includes EMP/Sci-Fi, Burke, Pacific Science Center, Wing Luke, Museum of Flight, MOHAI, and the zoo, plus more), and then everything after that is pretty much delicious free icing. (The discounted movie tickets are pretty handy, too.)

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