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Friday, April 2, 2010

Seattle: Free gardening classes, composting kits.

The City of Seattle wants you to go green, and they will accept no excuses!
  • Free "Green Kitchen" Kit - Evidently you'll be receiving coupons for free Green Kitchen Kits are in your CurbWaste & Conserve newsletter, which arrives in mailboxes this week! (This may be more for homeowners - I live in an apartment building and don't recall ever getting one of these.) Starting April 15, you can redeem your coupons for free Green Kitchen Kits, including an EcoSafe Kitchen Collector, compostable bags for storing food scraps, a food scraper, a CFL light bulb, and a reusable shopping bag, at various neighborhood service centers.
  • Free Gardening Classes - Starting April 3, the City of Seattle will be offering free gardening classes. Savvy Gardener classes will focus on native plants and food gardening, encouraging gardeners to make choices this spring that will help them save water during Seattle’s typical dry summers. Check out the class schedule here.

(Thanks, Laura P.!)

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