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Friday, April 9, 2010

Celebrate friendship with BOGO Borders and Panda Express.

Friendship is a priceless gift, so why not nurture those relationships with your cast-off freebies? I mean, "share these offers with your very best buddies."
  • Buy a 2- or 3-entree item plate and get a free single item at Panda Express. And don't worry if your friend keeps looking back and forth from your overflowing plate to their paltry scoop of sweet 'n' sour - they're probably just speechless with gratitude.
  • 30% off Borders coupons for you and a friend. I'm not sure how this differs from, say, just printing the normal coupons twice, since it's not like they have unique identifiers on the coupons that are specific to your account. But when you hand your friend their coupon, they won't be able to forget your gesture. No, I mean they really won't be able to - it's printed across the top.

Sounds like someone's got a freebie friend date with their BFF!

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