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Friday, April 2, 2010

Denny's: Free Pancake Puppies Sundae w/purchase.

OK, this is an actual offer, but I'm mostly posting it because it grosses me out. First Denny's introduced something called Pancake Puppies, which sounded more or less like an excuse for dousing donut holes in syrup and having them for breakfast. Now they've taken it one step further and created the unholy beast that is the Pancake Puppies Sundae. That would be donut holes shivering atop a bowl of ice cream, doused in hot fudge and whipped cream.

They're also advertising their new $2/$4/$6/$8 value menu. You get your free sundae when you order an item off that menu, or just any old entree. PANCAKE PUPPEHS!

Good through April 9.

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