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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Free Butterfinger bar when you "file a claim."

Ugh, sometimes these cutesy promotions get on my nerves. Butterfinger wants to give you a free candy bar... but only if you "file a claim" for "Butterfinger Bar Insurance." Whatever the heck that means.

OK, so I guess what it is, is that you just fill out the form to receive a coupon for a free Butterfinger. BUT if you feel creative, you can also write a little story about how someone laid a finger on your Butterfinger, which they choose to call a "crime report." If you do this, your story could be posted on their website and you're entered to win some fabulous prizes, like an iPhone or a year's supply of Butterfingers. One bar is just about a year's supply of Butterfingers for me, so I think I'm good with just the coupon.

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