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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Seattle: Bumbershoot 2010 to offer "lite" $22 recession tickets.

If you avoid Bumbershoot like the plague because it's too expensive, too crowded, and the main acts suck anyway, here's a solution for you: this year, Bumbershoot is offering $22 "economy" tickets that give you admission to everything except the mainstage headlining shows. (They'll be $30 at the door.) The standard ticket for all events including mainstage shows will be $40 advance ($5 more than 2009) and $50 at the door (same as 2009).

So what does your $22 get you? Admission to the grounds, art exhibits, music, comedy shows, literary panels and discussions, and other performances. If you hate paying a premium to subsidize a big-name band you're not interested in anyway, this is a cost-effective way to see the sights and get the experience, while still having some cash left over for $8 beers and $10 hot dogs.

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