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Friday, April 23, 2010

UK freebie! Send in your used-up Bic pen, get $10. (I can't find the pound symbol on my computer.)

I doubt that anyone actually reading this blog will be able to take advantage of this promotion, but I'm just so proud of myself (or "chuffed," as the Brits say) at finding an international freebie that I had to post it anyway. I do know some peeps in the UK, so maybe if you do too, you can pass the word along.

You know how those cheapie Bic plastic pens seem to last friggin' forever? If you can manage to kill one (try creating a reproduction of a Vermeer masterpiece), mail in the empty pen corpse and they will send you a cheque (hee!) for ten pounds. Then you can put it in your chequing account.

Britons... they're just like us!

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  1. Bic Pens are important part of my life, because I'm familiar to it since my childhood. It makes me much more glad that today I distribute this Mighty Brand!


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